Meshkov Brest confidently secure new points against Eurofarm Rabotnik

Meshkov Brest

Meshkov Brest confirmed its ambitious attempt to secure new points and beat the newcomers Eurofarm Rabotnik 31:22 (19:12) on the home court. Regular SEHA Final 4 participants, Meshkov needed a very short time to impose their own play and secure a big goal difference that kept rising until the end of the match.

The sensational winner in the first three rounds, Eurofarm Rabotnik had two defeats in just a few days. They lost first against PPD Zagreb and now in Brest, which was the first time for them to lose with such a huge goal difference. 

The host started the match with a convincing 6:1 lead. In the meantime, the guest best player Lovro Jotic got injured and did not enter the court later. Team from Bitola reduced the result to 6:4, but then the home side stepped up their play and secured even bigger advantage.

Twenty minutes later it was 13:4, and Stevce Alushovski's time-outs did not wake the players, so they continued in the same style - with errors in attack and poor defense. Meshkov led with 17:8, but ended the first half with 19:12. 

After a series of Nikola Mitrevski's saves in the second half, Eurofarm Rabotnik returned to the match and reduced to 21:17, which was seen as their last chance to get back in the match. But, the home team did not allow them to reduce the advantage more. Meshkov Brest took the points in the end with the incredible 31:22 result. 

The top scorers in the winning team were Vailupau with 6 goals, Yurynok and Kulak who scored 5 goals each. Ojleski netted five time for Eurofarm Rabotnik while Gradjan and Djukic scored 4 goals each.