Sikosek Pelko: “I feel like we did a solid job keeping BSU away“

Domen Sikosek Pelko

Beijing Sport University - Vardar 28:36 (10:21)

(Wang 6, Huang 6 / Sikosek Pelko 7, Kjosevski 7)

Vlado Sola, Beijing Sport University coach: 
Despite of the fact Vardar were today playing with a roster they probably never played with before I'm glad we showed improvements in certain aspects of the match. They have a lot of young, quality players and that was clearly visible today. Speaking of our performance – it's clear this is far from ideal, but we do have a plan and goals so I believe the future is bright. 

Ya Cheng, Beijing Sport University player: 
I feel like we've progressed since the last time we played Vardar. We still have some problems with defense but I feel like we're doing better and better and we have to keep up the good work. 

Eduard Koksharov, Vardar coach: 
We've both had our goals here in this one. Our was to prepare in the best possible way for the Champions League match ahead of us and give our key players some extra time to rest. Considering BSU, they are clearly rising from week to week and I feel like they will by the end of the season be a much better team than they were back in the beginning of the season. 

Domen Sikosek Pelko, Vardar player: 
In the first half we started with all the best players we've had available here today and as a result of that we opened the gap to double digits before the half. In the second younger players were given a chance to show what they can do and I feel like we did a solid job keeping BSU away and bringing this match easily to a close.