Tatran improve to 4-3 with a win over Nexe

Tatran Presov

In the first match of a two-game SEHA match day Tatran Presov were on Monday evening with 24:22 better than Nexe. Ivan Vida led scorers in this one scoring seven from just as much attempts but that was not enough for Nexe to steal points on the road. 

Hosts have opened the match better extending the gap to four early on forcing Nexe to chase the result throughout the entire first half. Little less than ten minutes before the half-time buzzer Tsarapkin scored one to put his team five goals in front but after that they slowed down allowing Nexe to cut the gap all the way down to one (14:13) finishing the opening 30 minutes in a much better position than it seemed half way through the first. 

Teams were quite levelled in the first part of the second half as well. However, midway through the second, Tatran once again managed to storm off to a five-goal advantage which seemed to be the key in this one because even though they later once again slowed down a bit, the gap proved to be way too big for Nexe to close it and take points back home to Nasice.  

Vida finished the match with a perfect 7/7 for Nexe while Oliver Rabek on the other side netted six for Tatran. 

In the next round Tatran will travel to Novi Sad to meet Vojvodina and Nexe will welcome Vardar.