Vukovic: “I'm proud of what we did in the second half“

Veselin Vukovic

Metaloplastika - Spartak 27:23 (12:15)
(Kljajic 8, Maticic 7 / Dereven 7)

Veselin Vukovic, Metaloplastika coach:
I wasn't happy with the first half, not at all. We did not play the way we agreed to. Despite of that, I'm proud of what we did in the second half and the fact we were able to defeat a quality Spartak team. Our defense and goalkeeper were the key. We were a bit more aggressive in the second but that's the charm of the sport.

Nemanja Gojkovic, Metaloplastika player:
We opened the match poorly not playing the way we agreed to. We allowed them to score 15 in the first half which is way too much. Second half was better as each player contributed and goalies played a key role.

Oleg Kuleshov, Spartak coach:
Metaloplastika played really well tonight, very aggressive and we didn't have an answer for that. Well-deserved win for them in the end.

Igor Radojevic, Spartak player:
It's nice to be back in Sabac. We played a really good first half but in the second, when we slowed down, hosts knew how to take advantage of that. Goalkeeper was perfect as well and that sealed the deal. Well-deserved win for them in the end, congrats.