Nexe deliver a strong outing in the second half to come out on top against BSU

Nexe looking to heal Portuguese wounds against Motor

In the second match of SEHA Wednesday, Nexe were in Zagreb better than BSU with 35:26. Beijing Sport University have however delivered a very good performance once again proving that they are progressing really good and fast, especially when we take into consideration that they suffered a huge 40:26 loss in their premier encounter of the season against Croatian vice-champs in Nasice.

BSU opened the match really well not allowing guests to open the gap early. Little less than five minutes before the half-time break they were even three goals ahead but failed to keep the lead until the half-time buzzer with Jelinic and Vida leading Nexe's 3:0 series to close the half.

Unfortunatelly for the Chinese team, Nexe started the second half way better and hosts were able to stay close for only five more minutes after which guests started opening the gap. They were running the court well with their wingers Jelinic and Mileta in the end combining for 13 goals.

Moreno Car and Mihailo Radovanovic were also doing a good job between posts finishing the match with 16 saves combined. In the end 35:26 for Nexe who proved to be a more experienced and quality team despite of the fact they weren't able to open the gap in the first which came as a reward for BSU and all the hard work they've been putting in from the very beginning of the season. Jelinic finished the match with seven for Nexe while Zhu scored five for BSU.