EHF EURO 2020, Day 10: outstanding victories for Croatia and Belarus

Zlatko Horvat

Day 10 at the EHF EURO 2020 was truly magical for Belarus and Croatia. Both of these teams secured important victories in their second matches of the Main round. Belarus defeated Czech Republic, while Croatia was better than Germany. 

(Group I) Belarus - Czech Republic 28:25 (13:11) 
Belarus have delivered their first victory in the Main round. They celebrated against team Czech Republic 28:25. It was a tough match in which both sides were eager to show their best on the court. But, from the beginning Belarus was always one step in front of their opponents as they mostly had lead in their hands. Once again, the best scorer in Belarus team was Mikita Vailupau who netted 6 times for the winners. Andrei Yurynok had also big impact with 5 goals scored. 

(Group I) Croatia - Germany 25:24 (11:14)
Croatia have continued with their perfect score. In their most dramatic match of the EHF EURO 2020, they defeated Germany 25:24. For the most part of the match, Germany had the lead and they dominated on the court. At the start of the second half, they even had 5 goals advantage. But, Croatia did not give up and delivered incredible comeback. With only one minute left on the clock, they had 25:24 but Germany had the last attack. In a real thriller ending, a save in the last seconds sealed the deal. With this victory, Croatia already secured their place in the semi-finals. David Mandic contributed with 3 goals in this victory, while Zlatko Horvat added 1. 

Photo credit: Kolektiff Images