Tatran secure quarter-final spot with another win over Spartak

Tatran. - Spartak

Slavko Goluza and his guys have for the second time in a week time managed to come out on top against Russian Spartak clinching a spot in SEHA –Gazprom League Play-Off quarter-finals where they will play against Croatian champs PPD Zagreb. 

After the first half hosts were already six goals ahead (16:10) sealing the deal in this one. Oliver Rabek led them with six in the first half while Tomas Recicar added two with four assists. Evgenii Voiniush on the other side netted four for Spartak. 

Tatran have in the second half managed to keep the tempo high opening the gap to double digits after less than 15 minutes (26:16) which allowed coach Goluza to rotate the team a bit more than usual. In the end 32:22. 

Oliver Rabek led Tatran with nine while Leon Vucko scored five from just as much attempts. Evgenii Voiniush finished the match with five for guests.