Goluza: “This is exactly what I want from my team“

Slavko Goluza

Tatran Presov - Spartak 32:22 (16:11)

(Rabek 9, Vucko 5; Cvitkovic 12 saves / Voiniush 5)

Slavko Goluza, Tatran Presov coach:
We started the match slowly but as the game went on we improved. Despite of the fact Spartak came here with a young team they managed to put on a good performance. Regarding our team, I always put the team above individuals, but I was pleased to see a strong performance from young Pacheco who had just couple of trainings with us but showcased big potential and most importantly, put on a brave fight. And this is exactly what I want from my team.

Martin Stranovsky, Tatran Presov player:
We are of course happy to get the win and I have to say that we played against a good young team today. They caused us problems during the game and they have some very talented players. At the same time, I want to thank my teammates for a focused approach to the match which helped us secure quarter-final.

Vladislav Kosmodemjanski, Spartak coach:
We played against a strong team and players that are progressing well under coach Goluza. Our young players made some mistakes that we need to work on. Because of those mistakes, the match finished the way it eventually did. Regarding Tatran, I wish them all the best in their clash against PPD Zagreb.

Jevgenij Voiniush, Spartak player:
We played with a young roster today and committed too many mistakes which is something we don't usually do. We were not good enough on the defensive side of the court providing their line players with too much space. We need to learn from our mistakes and improve for the future.