Alonso: “Our goal is to keep up with good performances“

Raul Alonso

Beijing Sport University - Meshkov Brest 26:46 (14:20) 

(Qinglong Xie 5 / Baranau 8, Kankaras 6, Matskevich 11 saves) 

Vlado Sola, BSU coach:
Meshkov obviously have a much better team than we do. We were able to deliver solid resistance for about 20 minutes but after that we were kind of naive. Their players have way more experience and they took advantage of our mistakes showing us what handball is. I hope we'll be able to recover and deliver a better outing tomorrow.

Peijie Huang, BSU player:
I do not want to look for excuses but we have to be realistic and say our two teams are on different levels. We've had good periods but we have had some really bad ones as well. We're looking forward to hopefully delivering a better performance tomorrow.

Raul Alonso, Meshkov Brest coach:
They fought throughout the entire course of the game, even when we opened the gap. I want to congratulate my guys, they really delivered a good performance, all of them. We were dominating the match in every aspect. Tomorrow is a new day and we must once again focus and play best we can. Goal is to keep up with good performances that will help us reach our goal - Final 4 tournament.

Branko Kankaras, Meshkov Brest player:
BSU have really progressed a lot. We were preparing together for the season last summer in Slovenia and they've really progressed since. Considering us, I feel if we had more time to work on our game in the beginning of the season we could have reached CL knock-out phase. I honestly feel like we're at the moment on that level. It's a pity season didn't start about a month later.