SEHA – Gazprom League Final 4 through the years

Final 4 Brest

This part of the year is always the right time to remember all of our previous SEHA Final 4 tournaments! Take a look at some of the most significant matches and tournaments in SEHA – Gazprom League history.

1st Final 4 / Zagreb, 2012

After overcoming the initial challenges in the first SEHA season, the time has come to crown first SEHA champions. After 22 rounds, four teams that stood out the most were: CO Zagreb, Vardar, Tatran Presov and Metalurg. In Arena Zagreb, Vardar have managed to win their first SEHA title!

Third-place match
CO Zagreb – Tatran Presov 31:29

Final match
VARDAR – Metalurg 21:18 (10:12)

MVP: Zlatko Horvat (CO Zagreb)

Best goalkeeper: Darko Stanic (Metalurg)

2nd Final 4 / Skopje, 2013

In this season the league was reduced to 10 teams and Belarusian club Meshkov Brest were the most exciting addition. They managed to make an immediate impact finishing first in regular season standings. Ultimately, top three from the first season: Metalurg, Vardar and Zagreb joined Belarusians on the second SEHA Final 4 tournament in Skopje. PPD Zagreb have only a year later managed to take revenge against Vardar becoming SEHA champions in Skopje!

Third-place match
Metalurg – Meshkov Brest 26:21

Final match
CO ZAGREB – Vardar 25:24 (21:21) – extra time

MVP: Strahinja Milic (Vardar)

Best 7: Milic (Vardar) - Tatarin (Meshkov), Horvat (CO Zagreb) - Stoilov (Vardar) - Kozlina (Metalurg), Karacic (Vardar), Stepancic (CO Zagreb)

3rd Final 4 / Novi Sad, 2014

At the start of the season, SEHA announced a ground-breaking deal with Russian giant Gazprom. Many of the goals accomplished over the years would not have been possible without them - SEHA - Gazprom League was ready to make more steps forward! At the Final 4 tournament in Novi Sad, Zagreb got a consolation prize with a win against Tatran Presov in the 3rd-place match and the title again went to Skopje!

Third-place match
Zagreb – Tatran Presov 36:28

Final match
VARDAR – Meshkov Brest 29:27 (14:15)

MVP: Timur Dibirov (Vardar)

Best 7: Pesic (Meshkov Brest), Dibirov (Vardar), Horvat (CO Zagreb), Stojkovic (Meshkov Brest), Rabek (Tatran Presov), Karacic (Vardar), Kristopans (Tatran Presov)

4th Final 4 / Veszprem, 2015

Fourth SEHA – Gazprom League season was marked by the arrival of Hungarian giants Veszprem. Hungarians were dominating from the very beginning winning their first 15 matches and securing first place after the regular part of the season. Hungarians were ultimately crowned SEHA - Gazprom League champions in their premier season defeating Meshkov Brest 32:21 which remains the biggest SEHA final win to this day!

Third-place match
PPD Zagreb – Vardar 26:23

Final match
MKB MVM VESZPREM – Meshkov Brest 32:21 (14:9)

MVP: Chema Rodriguez (MKB MVM Veszprem)

Best 7: Mikler (MKB MVM Veszprem), Antl (Tatran Presov), Marguc (MKB MVM Veszprem), Stojkovic (Meshkov Brest), Obranovic (PPD Zagreb), Nikulenkau (Meshkov Brest), Nagy (MKB MVM Veszprem)

5th Final 4 / Varazdin, 2016

The 2015/2016 season is also going to be remembered because of how successful Veszprem were! Final 4 that took place in Varazdin received an award for the best regional sports tournament - serving as a good proof of how much SEHA - Gazprom League has acutally improved throughout the years. Led by Momir Ilic, Nagy and Sliskovic, Veszprem won their second SEHA title in only their second season.

Third-place match
PPD Zagreb – Meshkov Brest 24:23

Final match
Vardar – MKB MVM VESZPREM 26:28

MVP: Momir Ilic (Veszprem)

Best 7: Stevanovic (PPD Zagreb), Ugalde (MKB MVM Veszprem), Horvat (PPD Zagreb), Stojkovic (Meshkov Brest), Ilic (MKB MVM Veszprem), Cindric (Vardar), A. Dujshebaev (Vardar)

6th Final 4 / Brest, 2017

Before the Final 4 in Brest, both Veszprem and Vardar have already managed to win two titles each and Veszprem seemed ready to go for their third. It was another special final between these two, rematch of the last season, only this time Vardar managed to come out on top. Macedonians however didn’t stop there, grabbing three more trophies that season including EHF Champions League to prove how good SEHA – Gazprom League and its teams really are!

Third-place match
Meshkov Brest – PPD Zagreb 23:19

Final match
VARDAR – Telekom Veszprem 26:21

MVP: Joan Canellas (Vardar)

Best 7: Alilovic (Telekom Veszprem), Dibirov (Vardar), Cupic (Vardar), Nilsson (Telekom Veszprem), Borozan (Vardar), Canellas (Vardar), Kristopans (Meshkov Brest)

7th Final 4 / Skopje, 2018

Final 4 tournament was for the second time held in Skopje after PPD Zagreb stunned Vardar in the first one. Vardar finished the regular part of the season undefeated and, ultimately, won their fourth SEHA title against PPD Zagreb in a memorable final!

Third place match
Meshkov Brest – Celje PL 28:31

Final match
VARDAR – PPD Zagreb 26:24

MVP: Luka Cindric (Vardar)

Best 7: Sterbik (Vardar), Dibirov (Vardar), Pavlovic (PPD Zagreb), Cindric (Vardar), Mlakar (Celje PL), Horvat (PPD Zagreb), Shumak (Meshkov Brest)

Best defender: Ilija Abutovic (Vardar)

8th Final 4 / Brest, 2019

For the second time in SEHA – Gazprom League history, the city of Brest hosted the Final 4 tournament. We witnessed the first ever All-Croatian semi-final with Croatian vice-champions Nexe entering the Final 4 scene. Reigning SEHA champions, Vardar were ready to defend their title from the previous two Final 4 tournaments. Not only they managed to win their fifth SEHA title but they managed to repeat 2017, by taking the EHF Champions League title too. The event was awarded as the best sport event at Sportfest in Porec.

Third place match
Nexe – Meshkov Brest 19:24

Final match:
PPD Zagreb – VARDAR 23:26

MVP: Dainis Kristopans (Vardar)

Best 7: Milosavljev (Vardar), Dibirov (Vardar), Bicanic (PPD Zagreb), Obranovic (Meshkov Brest), Kristopans (Vardar), Horvat (PPD Zagreb), Stoilov (Vardar)

Best defender: Pavel Horak (Meshkov Brest)

We are sure more beautiful memories are coming soon, in the meantime - experience handball and take care of yourself and others.