Best of SEHA: Zeppelins

Petar Djordjic

Whenever competitive matches are played, from the first to the last round, we witness remarkable skills and brilliant goals, but the zeppelins have a special place in the handball world. So that together we can enjoy the best zeppelins of all time in SEHA – Gazprom League, we decided to single out the 5 most impressive zeppelins. It wasn't an easy task to do considering various variations, from double zeppelins to ''accidental'' ones, so you can decide if we did a good job.

1. Stefan Vujic (Steaua Bucuresti)

2. Alen Ovcina (Vojvodina)

3. Petar Djordjic (Meshkov Brest)

4. Sasa Barisic Jaman (Nexe)

5. Martin Serafimov (Metalurg)