Happy Russian language day!

Russian language day

SEHA – Gazprom League is a great example of the league that attracts clubs from many countries, and players from all over the world. As well, there are lots of languages and each is an important part of our competition. Today, we mark one of its special day: Russian language day!

We are especially proud that our profile on the popular Russian social network Vkontakte is the home of the best handball where fans can watch matches online, write comments and follow the newest information from the handball world on their mother tongue – Russian language.

We cannot forget two spectacular Final 4 tournaments in 2017 and in 2019 took place in Brest, and Belarusians have proven to be an admirable host.

As for players and clubs, this season's sensational was Mikita Vailupau. Incredible Belarusian has been simply unstoppable. He set not one, but two all-time records. He scored 20 goals against Metaloplastika (most goals in one match by a player), 14 of them in one half (most goals in one half by a player). Also, together with Momir Ilic and Martin Serafimov, with 9 penalties scored per match, he holds another record. 

SEHA League has in total, 53 Belarusian and Russian players who have played 9th season - in Spartak (25), Meshkov Brest (19), Vardar (6), Motor Zaporozhye (2) and Tatran Presov (1). We talk about impressive names like the previously mentioned Vailupau, Timur Dibirov, Pavel Atman and Daniil Shishkarev.

In addition, this season we had an honour to welcome the first Russian club ever to play in the League – Spartak.

Once again to all of our SEHA friends from all around the world – happy Russian language day!