Celebrating World Music Day!

World Music Day

There are various definitions of music as a form of art, but the best thing about music is the emotion that goes with it.

International Dance Day, World Music Day, these are all days that we gladly celebrate. There are many reasons for that. First of all, musicians and their performances are an integral part of every SEHA Final 4 ceremony making SEHA Spectacle as world-class as it is.

Music may not be closely related to the sport as such, but it is all around us. There is no person, not even a handball player, who doesn't love hearing a good song, who is not motivated and pushed forward by the good beat.

Music carries emotion. It makes us dance, sing, laugh and cry. If there was no music, the world be a different place.

Let's remember together how Nexe's duo, Marko Buvinic and Mario Tomic, once showed their hidden talent in front of our cameras. Handball is still number one in their lives, but music is by no means secondary.  

Happy singing and dancing, SEHA friends!