Alonso after the bronze: ''Today we played with far more confidence''

Meshkov Brest

PPD Zagreb - Meshkov Brest 24:29 (12:14)

(Asanin 9, Obradovic 5 / Pesic 10, Mikita 6, Vranjes 6 )

Igor Vori, PPD Zagreb coach:

After the loss against Vardar it wasn’t easy to bring the team back on their feet. I feel like we’ve succeeded although we’ve once again had a lot of ups and downs. In the beginning of the second we were able to play really good on the defensive side of the court for about 15, 20 minutes but after that we once again stopped. After 21:21 we weren’t functioning the way we were supposed to. I’ll repeat once again - we have a young roster and we’ll need time and competitive matches to get things going the right way. Each defeat is tough but we’re doing our best to stay positive and focus on what is ahead. I feel like the future is bright for this team. 

Senjamin Buric, PPD Zagreb player:

We can’t be satisfied with the offensive performance here today and I feel like that’s what decided this one. We have a really young team and we’re learning and growing on a daily basis. These two games were a great lesson for us and I feel like we have to play a lot more matches to get things going the right way. 

Raul Alonso, Meshkov Brest coach:

We are very satisfied, very happy, not just because we won the game but also because we did it after the loss against Veszprem. We’ve had a tough time recovering mentally but today we played with far more confidence. Defense was great, it is something we’ve spent a lot of time working on during the summer. We were mentally stronger than two days ago. I’d also like to use the opportunity to congratulate organizers on this event. That is really something we all need in order to get better and prepare for what’s waiting for us in about 10 days with the beginning of the Champions League campaign.

Mikita Vailupau, Meshkov Brest player:

First SEHA medal for me and I can say I’m really happy right now. I’d like to congratulate my whole team - teammates and coaching staff on this win here today.