Shumak: 'Fixing mistakes immediately gave a result'


Meshkov Brest - Eurofarm Pelister 35:31 (18:14)

(Vailupau 11 goals, Matskevich 12 saves / Mandalinic 5 goals, Obradovic 5 goals)

Zeljko Babic, Eurofarm Pelister head coach:

Congratulations to Meshkov Brest on the victory. I think there is a very big difference between the teams from the Champions League and the European League. Motor is stronger than Tatran, Veszprem is stronger than Nexe, Meshkov Brest is stronger than us, etc. The quality of the game is very different - and this determines the results. Thank you and good luck!

Josip Peric, Eurofarm Pelister player:

Congratulations to our opponent. We played badly in the first half, made a lot of technical mistakes and didn't score as many goals as we needed. We played much better in the second half. But in general, Brest was better and deserved to reach the Final 4.

Daniel Gordo, Meshkov Brest head coach:

Perhaps, as Zeljko Babic said, there is a difference between our clubs. But for two weeks I have been repeating to the players that we will face a very good opponent who works hard and plays as a team. It is no coincidence that they won the Macedonian Super Cup. This is a good example. Because we also want to play as a team. I wish Eurofarm success in the future. And today we had a good first half. We defended well, the goalkeeper helped a lot. But we need to work to keep the level throughout the entire match. If we want to beat Kiel, Pick Szeged, Aalborg and other opponents in the Champions League, we need to control this roller coaster.

Viachaslau Shumak, Meshkov Brest player:

We analyzed the first match well. We fixed the mistakes, and it immediately gave the result in the first half. However, then we relaxed a bit and Eurofarm Pelister got into the groove. At the same time, we must give credit to the opponent because they played more confidently than at home and showed decent handball.