NEXE – A perfect springboard for the biggest stage

AUTHOR'S STORY ''Nexe is one of the best teams for younger players and their development.''

Nexe – A perfect springboard for the biggest stage

Handball connoisseurs often say Nexe is one of the best teams for younger players and their development. From the very beginning, when Ergovic family started the whole project, their goal was to attract younger players helping them work on their foundations and start great handball careers. Nexe has therefore always been a springboard for the biggest possible stage – both for best European clubs and national teams.
Croatian national team on EURO 2022 featured Nexe’s Halil Jaganjac and Marin Jelinic as well as Dominik Kuzmanovic who was invited but didn't have a chance to play. However, when we are talking about their current as well as former both players and coaches, we must mention Hrvoje Horvat, who was, after four seasons on Nexe’s bench given an opportunity to show what he’s capable of on the ‘hottest’ bench in Croatia – one of the Croatian national team. Horvat was close to helping Nexe book a place for themselves on 2018 EHF European League Finals. In the first leg, current Croatian vice-champions were at home better than German Füchse Berlin (28:20) but they failed to qualify for the semis after the match in Berlin. Horvat also took Nexe to their last SEHA – Gazprom League Final 4 tournament back in 2019. During his time in Nasice he also helped develop players like Marin Sipic (now PPD Zagreb), Ante Gadza (now Vardar 1961) as well as Kristian Pilipovic (Kadetten Schaffhausen) – Croatian-born goalkeeper who grew up in Austria and had a debut in Croatian national team jersey on EHF EURO in Hungary and Slovakia in the match against Denmark. Horvat’s roster on the tournament also featured two former ‘Thunders’ – Sime Ivic and Ivan Sliskovic. A proof of the quality work that is being done in Nasice.