7m | Marcos Colodeti: ''Handball is my passion''

Marco Colodeti

When we are talking about Brazil and sports, the first thing that pops into most people’s heads is obviously football. Brazil is however in the last 10 years showing significant progress in handball with some of their players playing important roles in European handball. We can mention one of the greatest SEHA – Gazprom League line players of all time Rogerio Moraes or young Pedro Pacheco who is orchestrating Tatran’s offence. The time has however come for us to focus on a goalkeeper this time and his name is Marcos Colodeti. Last season Marcos had some really good outings and we’ve decided to talk to him about his handball beginnings, move to Europe, idols, goals for the future and many more. Without further ado – let’s get started!

Growing up in Venda Nova do Imigran, Brazil what made you decide to go with handball?
Obviously, when it comes to sports in Brazil – football is undoubtedly No.1. Growing up I was a huge fan of sports in general and I tried basketball and volleyball as well. I stepped on the handball court for the first time at around 12 years of age and it proved to be a good choice. Later on, I played for my school, improved and moved to Sao Paulo.

What was it like to move away from home at such a young age?
I moved at about 18 but yeah it was definitely hard. What matters the most is that my family was really supportive helping me whenever they could. I feel like all this made me grow up faster, and become much more responsible.

How did the move to Presov happen?
I remember I was in Los Angeles at the time and my manager called me saying that there is this club asking if I would be willing to join them. Pedro Pacheco was a link between myself and Tatran at the time and yeah, I was happy to accept the offer. As a handball player coming from Brazil, the hardest part is getting noticed, getting that first transfer to Europe. It’s a huge and important step. It wasn’t easy, especially in the beginning but I got used to everything with the help of my teammates.

What are the plans for the future? Where do you see yourself in five years time both on a club as well as national team level?
Handball truly is my passion. I have one more year on my contract with Tatran and then we’ll see what happens. I had a national team debut two months ago as well. It was a friendly match against Tunisia and the feeling was exceptional. My goal is to work as hard as possible in times to come and see where that brings me in the end. As I said, handball really is a passion of mine and I’d like to stay closely connected to it for as long as possible. I also have a degree in Physiotherapy and I’m considering that after my playing career is done as well. Another passion of mine is cooking – I like to experiment in the kitchen, and try new things. I’d say my favourite is pasta but I’m basically willing to try to prepare anything.

Growing up, were any goalkeepers you were or still are looking up to, maybe even modelling your style after them?
There are three actually – Thierry Omeyer, Slawomir Szmal and Henning Fritz. They influenced me a lot, I loved watching them between posts. About my style – I’m trying to make a blend of their respective styles and moves but also add something new, something mine that would make me different and better.

What is Marcos like when he is not on or around the handball court?
Marcos is actually a normal guy. I often hang out with Pedro (Pacheco) and Guilherme (Linhares) – having some coffee, playing games, and watching handball matches. Ordinary stuff. I’m also trying to go to Brazil at least twice a year to visit my family and friends over there.