Rejuvenated Veszprem roster eager to prove its worth in Belgrade

Telekom Veszprem QF

Eurofarm and Tatran are opening the SEHA – Gazprom League quarter-finals in Bitola on Tuesday evening. Wednesday evening is reserved for the first leg of another matchup as Belgrade gets ready to host the match between Partizan and Telekom Veszprem! The match is scheduled for Wednesday (18.05 CEST).
Telekom Veszprem will travel to Belgrade with a rejuvenated roster led by head coach Dinko Dankovic. Given a big opportunity to prove what they are capable of against this Partizan team, Veszprem’s youngsters will surely aim to deliver a quality performance and secure a good result prior to the second leg that’s scheduled for next Wednesday in Veszprem. Coach Dario Krzelj and his guys will, on the other side, surely look to capitalize on some really good performances they’ve delivered so far this season led by their young backs Stefan Petric, Uros Kojadinovic, and Nikola Zecevic. Knowing how good Partizan is at home, we’re surely poised for a great one on Wednesday evening in the Serbian capital, so make sure not to miss it!
Dario Krzelj, Partizan coach: 
Another important match is ahead of us, and I hope my players will manage to deliver a good performance. We’re dealing with a difficult schedule, and it is not easy to stay fit, ready and focused all the time. Telekom Veszprem is a well-known name in the world of handball, and it will be a pleasure to play against them no matter the fact they will be arriving here with a rejuvenated roster. 
Vuk Lazovic, Partizan player: 
Veszprem is coming to Belgrade with a rejuvenated roster, but I have to say that we have a lot of respect for every opponent we’re facing no matter the age or experience level. To be fair, we also have a young team, but playing in front of our fans here in Belgrade – we can defeat anyone.
Dinko Dankovic, Telekom Veszprem coach: 
We’ve found ourselves in an exciting situation facing a huge opportunity. I’m sure all of our boys will gain a lot of valuable experience playing these SEHA League games. We’ll play an excellent Partizan team that surely has a goal to advance. I don’t think we have any pressure on our shoulders, to be honest, but we’ll surely aim to deliver the best possible performance and prove our worth. We are missing some players, but we’ll do our best to deliver a quality outing in this prestigious international competition. 
Botond Janowszky, Telekom Veszprem player: 
It is at the same time a challenge, and an honor to play in the SEHA League. I am confident that we’ll do our absolute best to prove to be worthy of the trust the club has given us. I’m expecting a very hard match obviously, but our goal is to reach the best possible result on the road, and then prepare for the second leg that we’ll play at home.