Champions into the new season with a win over Vojvodina

Prvak pobjedom protiv Vojvodine otvorio sezonu

Vojvodina - Vardar 4 (14/15)

SEHA GSS League’s title holders Vardar Skopje have started the League with a win over Vojvodina in Novi Sad, 26:21 (10:12). Vojvodina has once again proved that there are no weak rivals in SEHA GSS League leading at the end of the first half with 12:10. Macedonian team has opened the match in a better way (Dibirov scored for 6:1) than the home team but they have obviously underestimated their rivals in the second part of the first half. Serbian team has on the other side had nothing to lose which has in 24th minute brought them positive result with Todorović and Datukashvili scoring for 9:7.

Georgian left back Sergo Datukashvili has scored the first goal in the second half for the highest advantage of home team - 13:10, but that was a sign for Vardar’s players to change their approach to this game.  Macedonian defense began to play much better supported by Arpad Šterbik between the posts. Vojvodina’s back line was a little impressed with him which has caused many technical mistakes instead of shots. On top of all that Vardar’s wingers Dibirov and Brumen have scored many easy goals bringing their team the lead again with 13:16 in 38th minute.  

Vardar’s experience was enough to keep the lead until the end of the game easily.

Datukashvili scored 5 for Vojvodina and on the other side Vardar’s best scorer was Brumen with 6 goals.

Arpad Šterbik, Vardar’s goalkeeper:

- It was a good match. We have played good in both defense and offense in the second half and that was the key for our win today. I also have to say that Vojvodina are playing better and better, we were tricked a bit by their bad performances in pre-season.

Bojan Perović, Vojvodina’s goalkeeper:

- Vardar has today showed world-class quality.  They have in the other half  taken advantage of all our mistakes. We’ve played on the same level with them in the first half, which is fantastic success for our team. I hope that level of our performance will rise in the future…

Raul Gonzales, Vardar’s head-coach:

- I want to congratulate Vojvodina on their performance. We were not playing with our best players in the second part of the first half and Vojvodina was in that part of the match better.  The first 15 minutes of the second half were decisive…

Đorđe Ćirković, Vojvodina’s head-coach:

- I believe this is the first time I feel happy although we’ve lost the match. I have already mentioned that our goal is to grow from match to match and we’re doing it. I agree with my colleague that first 15 minutes of the second half were decisive. We need two-three more TOP players for something more, but I am satisfied with our today’s performance.