Borac against new strong guest – Macedonian Vardar

Nakon Veszprema, Vardar iskušava Borac

Vardar Borac

After Veszprem, Borac will host Vardar. Considering the fact that they have already played in Brest against Meshkov this was the strongest season opening they could even think of. Good performances in first two matches provide hope to Bosnian champion's fans that their club might surprise favorized oponnent. Vardar is on the other side coming to Borik after a clear victory over Metalurg in the last round which has once again proved their quality and value. Match starts at 20.00 CET.

Raul Gonzales, Vardar's head coach:

- Matches away, in Banja Luka, are always hard so I expect this one to be the same. We are current League's champions and we have to show it from round to round no matter who we are playing against. We also have to use this match as a preparation for the upcoming CL challenges. Borac is a quality team which is at home always on maximum level and it is good for us, we need matches and oponnents like that.

Nemanja Pribak, Vardar's player:

- Borac is a club against you have to play really good to win. On the other side quality difference between is really visible this season which gives us favorite role tomorrow. I expect hall to be full, as always in Banja Luka but I also expect Vardar to continue with winning series.

Igor Rađenović, Borac' head coach:

-We have to be concentrated in defense especially against Vardar's strong back line. It will be the key for a good resutl. In attack we have to be patient, wait for clear chances. We'll play one of the best teams in Europe at the moment and their win against Metalurg proves it. It will be a true spectacle and I am happy that Banja Luka's crowd will see such great players like Lacković, Šterbik...

Stefan Janković, Borac' player:

-Hard match is ahead of us against a team which has at least two great players on each position. It will surely not be easy and that's why I'd like to call everyone to come to Borik and help us maybe even surprise current League's champions.