Vardar confidently through Banja Luka

Vardar uvjerljivo i kroz Banja Luku

Borac - Vardar 2 (14/15)

Vardar has not had any problem playing Borac in Banja Luka. They have, in front of more than 4,000 people in Borik hall showed why they are one of the best teams in Europe. Borac was able to hold on near to their opponents for only 15 minutes. After that it seemed like there is only one team on the court. It was +6 after 30 minutes.

Vardar was playing without Šterbik and Lacković but it was not visible on Macedonian team's performance today. It is fair to say that home team have done their best but Vardar was simply better. Hard series of matches is behind them after playing Meshkov, Veszprem and Vardar in first three rounds of this season's SEHA GSS League.

Dobrivoje Marković scored 7 for guests, Milić added 15 saves. Speaking of Borac, their best scorer of the match was Branislav Obradović with 5 goals.

Raul Gonzales, Vardar's coach:

We are very happy and satisfied with new three points in Banja Luka. We were a bit afraid of coming here because Borac plays good, tough handball. We've seen their matches against Meshkov and Veszprem where they were playing really good and we've based our match preparation on these two matches. Our goalkeeper did a very good job in the first part of the match. Important victory for us.

Strahinja Milić, Vardar's goalkeeper:

We were today on a required niveau for such a match. We did exactly what coach told us and it has in the end brought good result. We'll in the next round play Veszprem and this surely was a good preparation.

Igor Rađenović, Borac' goalkeeper:

I'd firstly like to congratulate Vardar on a good match and three new points. I wish them luck in both SEHA GSS League as well as CL. They are a really good, well balanced team. We weren't today able to respond in a good way to their defense, mostly because we're a bit tired, and it has decided the match. They have on the other side had answers for our defense and on top of all that their goalkeeper was on a good level today.

Stanko Abadžić, Borac' goalkeeper:

We were not today on our best performing level and in such matches like this one you simply have to be if you want positive result. I am really sorry that we did not win any points in home matches behind us but our opponents were really strong. We have to wait for a match against our 'league' opponent and look for first points or even a win.