Meshkov proves good form

Meshkov Brest - Nexe 1 (14/15)

Belarus champion Meshkov has not in the end had problems in a duel with NEXE. In the end, favorites were better with 29:26 (16:12). This was Meshkov's second triumph in as much matches this season. On the other side this was NEXE's second defeat.

NEXE was able to hold on near to hosts until 10 minutes before the half time. Meshkov has then showed why they are favorites and started playing better in defense which has soon brought them easy goal chances from which they have slowly started enlarging the goal gap. It was +4 for Meshkov after first 30 minutes, 16:12.   

Advantage was good for hosts for the second half and they have managed to keep it without problems. NEXE has showed quick handball, much better than from the first match against PPD Zagreb. It was from 20th minute clear that points will stay in Brest. 

Janko Božović has scored 9, Stefanović 8 goals for Meshkov. Charapenka added 12 saves. Celebi and Božić have on the other side scored 5 each for NEXE.

In the next round Meshkov will host PPD Zagreb and NEXE will travel to Veszprem.   

Zdenko Kordi, NEXE's coach:
- I'd ike to congratulate Brest for qualifying for CL and a great match here today. We were playing well, I'm proud of my team. We were able to keep up with home team's tempo for 20-25 minutes. In the end I have to say we've made some silly mistakes and our oponnents have used it well.

Ante Gadža, NEXE's player:
- After a clear loss against Zagreb in the last round we've finally played a well game. We need to continue to play like this and we'll catch good form and start winning. Congratulations to Meshkov of course.

Željko Babić, Meshkov's coach:
- It was a big challenge for me as a coach to prepare this game. After reaching CL's group it was difficult to motivate players for a new good performance. Many players were injured but those who were not were on a required level, especially Božović. Wiin is the only important thing, nothing else matters.  

Janko Božovic, Meshkov’s player:
- We were not bad in defense from the beginning but to be honest we did not look so strong like we did against Tatran. Oponnent was really strong today but we've deserved to win.