Biggest derby of SEHA GSS League

Najveći derbi SEHA GSS Lige

MKB-MVM Veszprem - Vardar 2 (14/15)

Match of the week in SEHA GAZPROM South Stream League will be played on Saturday in Veszprem, where home team will have season's premiere in front of  their fans against one of their biggest rivals in the battle for regional crown - Vardar Skopje. This will also be a great preparation for their clash in EHF CL’s group. Match begins at 16:00 CET in Veszprem Arena.

Raul Gonzales, Vardar’s coach:

- Match ahead of us is very important for the team. We want to play good handball and it will be interesting to see how we can play against such a strong opponent like Veszprem. I don’t know what to expect to be honest because this will be our first strong match in the season. We have the same ambitions for the season ahead of us and it will be great to see where do we ‘stand’ at the moment. I believe we have enough quality to win, even against such a great opponent like Veszprem.

Carlos Ortega, MKB MVM Veszprem’s coach:  

- Both of our teams are in the process of building because of many new players we both have signed during the summer. Our matches are always great and I have no doubt this one will be the same. We play at home and we surely want to show our power. It is interesting that we’ll play against Vardar in CL’s group too. We are prepared and ready to face them for the first time this season.   


Arpad Šterbik, Veszprem’s goalkeeper:

- I am slowly becoming a part of the team and I like it. I know a lot of my teammates from the past and it is great to play in such a strong club. Speaking of the match against Veszprem, it is important to say that we are aware of our goals this season and what we have to do to reach them. Veszprem surely is stronger than any other club we can play against in this League but we are also a strong team and I believe we must not be afraid of anyone.

Andreas Nilsson, Veszprem’s player:

- I have a lot of new things to learn here in my new team, but they take good care of me. I think we are really good. We have three wins in SEHA GSS League so far but tomorrow we’ll play two time champions. This will as well be our first match in front of our amazing fans. We know it will be hard but we will go for new three points.