7 METERS: Can Çelebi (NEXE) First Turkish player in SEHA GSS League

7 METARA: Can Çelebi (NEXE) Prvi turski igrač u SEHA GSS ligi

Can Celebi 2

24-year old Can Çelebi came to NEXE this summer as a first Turkish player ever to come to SEHA GSS League.

1 M: You were born in Ankara. We know about Turkish football, basketball, or volleyball. Why did you choose handball?

I come from a really sporty family. My father is general secretary of University sports federation in Turkey, my mother was a gymnastic referee and my brother was a badminton player for the national team, so I wanted something different. I've started playing handball when I was ten years old when club's leaders came to our school. I liked it and chose handball.

2 M: Did  you have any idol from Croatia when you started playing handball?

I know a lot about Croatian handball. I like Vori, Metličić, Duvnjak today, but I've always especially liked Balić. Many people in Turkey not only those who play handball know Balić. I like him because he is different. He plays different handball and has great mentality.

3 M: How come you chose NEXE for your first club out from Turkey?

First of all NEXE plays in a very strong SEHA League which is good for my career. I am the first Turkish player ever to come to Europe so you can say I'm on some kind of a mission. I really hope that my transfer will open European doors to other Turkish players.  

4 M: Handball is not so popular sport in Turkey but despite of that it must be a great feeling when you are good at something. For example, your champion Besiktas has managed to reach the Champions League this season.  

It is great. Slowly but still a progress. Besiktas plays in the Champions League, our national team will play in qualification group for European championship in Poland 2015.  Of course football, basketball and volleyball are still more popular then handball. They have got more sponsors, more spectators and there is bigger interest for that sport in Turkey. My opinion is that two biggest club in Turkey Fenerbahce and Galatasaray must establish handball clubs, that would be great for Turkish handball.  

5 M: You came from a multimilion town Ankara to a very small town Našice. Is it hard for you to adapt on that change?

Ankara has got seven million people and Našice has around seven thousand and it surely is a bit strange for me since I have grown up in many bigger town. But I really like Našice, people are polite and friendly, everybody are willing to help me.  

6 M: What is your biggest wish in your handball career?

I want to play in German League, in Kiel, my favorite European club. But I am aware I still have to work much and I believe SEHA and NEXE are great for that.

7 M: You are a real multitalent. Tell us who is Can Celebi in private?

I've finished Physical University. My biggest hobby is playing clarinet. I like to read, I have lots of book. I am also collector of gramophone records, I like evergreen music like Beatles, Elvis or some older singers from Turkey. I also have my own website and a Facebook page with more than six thousand fans.