Vardar in Kragujevac after a big win against RN Löwen

Vardar u Kragujevcu nakon velike pobede nad RN Levenom

Vardar - Radnički 14 (14/15)

Serbian vice-champions Radnički Kragujevac are preparing for another spectacle for their fans in Jezero sports hall with Macedonian Vardar coming to visit. The fact that much stronger opponent is going to stand on the other side of the court will surely not scare hosts and will probably even boost them with motivation in a duel against Macedonians which are coming to Kragujevac after big win in Germany against Rhein Neckar Löwen earlier this week.

Bojan Milentijević, Radnički’ coach:

Team which was in Europe’s TOP 8 is coming to Kragujevac - that says much about how strong team we’re about to face. They are even better this season, one of the contenders for F4 in Cologne. On the other side, we surely do have our goals and ambitions and those are to present ourselves in best possible way, be a tough opponent to them and maybe even reach some points. Match is scheduled for Thursday, 19:00 CET.

Dejan Pralica, Radnički’ playmaker:

We are playing against the strongest team in the League along with Veszprem. They are big favorites but we’ll do everything to show what we’ve been working on whole season and maybe try to surprise them. This is also great preparation for our domestic Play-Off.