Zagreb to host Radnički for the second time

Zagreb drugi puta domaćin Radničkom

PPD Zagreb - Radnicki 6 (14/15)

Match between PPD Zagreb and Radnički will not be decisive in battle for positions in the end of SEHA GSS League's regular season with Zagreb preparing for final tournament in Veszprem but also for matches against KIF Kolding in Champions League. That is why Radnički have agreed to play in Zagreb for the second time this season, in order to make things easier for Zagreb. In the first part of the season Vujović' guys were better than the team from Kragujevac with 27:18. Zagreb are trying to catch position 3 ahead of Meshkov and Tatran and Radnički's goal is not to finish as bottom positioned team. Officialy, Radnički will today be host in 'Matchbox' sports hall in Zagreb.

Veselin Vujović, PPD Zagreb's coach:

First I'd like to thank very much to Radnički for doing this for us, for coming to Zagreb to play this match. It means a lot because we're preparing for CL's eight-finals match against Kolding. Speaking of the match, it is clear we're favorites but we have to prove that on court.

Luka Stepančić, PPD Zagreb's player:

We've lost much energy playing in Skopje about ten days ago so it is great to be able to play this match at home. We'll do our best to finish SEHA GSS League with a victory and then we have to wait for other results to see which place we'll travel to Veszprem from.

Bojan Milentijević, Radnički's coach:

I believe we've managed to successfully work on some parts of our game in last few months. I think we're playing well now but we still haven't reached our maximum. I see SEHA League as a big experience which has helped us develop and that is exactly what I wish from this match against Zagreb.

Dušan Petrović, Radnički's goalkeeper:

Zagreb are complete favorites in Zagreb as well as in Kragujevac. I think playing them in a moment in which their form is rising will be a positive experience for us ahead of play-off matches in Serbian Super League.