SEHA Gazprom League's executive committee meeting in Veszprem

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On a free day, between F4's semi-finals and final, SEHA Gazprom League's leaders have organized a press conference in Veszprem where they have decided to present their conclusions from executive committee meeting with national committee representatives as well as ones from participant clubs. Main themes were this season, League's future, concept, new participants and contract extension with Gazprom.

SEHA Gazprom League was represented by League's president Mihajlo Mihajlovski, director Siniša Ostoić and vice-presidents Tomislav Grahovac and Agron Hajredin.


MIHAJLO MIHAJLOVSKI, SEHA Gazprom League's president:

- First of all I have to state how satisfied I am with League's development visible on lot of aspects showing that we're clearly doing a good job. We've received positive critics from both national committees as well as from participant clubs and of course that makes us happy. Positive critics from EHF are also making us proud, we're getting closer to Cologne's Final Four and that is a really big thing.  I also believe era of German and Spanish clubs dominating CL is slowly coming to an end, it is time for clubs from this region to take it over a bit, especially knowing SEHA has three clubs among CL's Last 8 which is great.

- Speaking of conclusions I can say we're working on signing new four-year deal with Gazprom which would secure safety for all participants and considering our past cooperation and mutual respect I believe we're not far away from signing it. Speaking of new clubs, Gazprom's wish was to have Turkish champion Besiktas in League next season. We still have to check conditions they have in Turkey but knowing they are already playing in CL I believe there won't be any problems. It is also important to say that everything, participating clubs, concept and all other things about the next season will be decided by June 15th, that's deadline we've decided to set for ourselves and we'll work on accomplishing it.

- Speaking of CL, our goal in previous seasons was to have SEHA champions qualify for it, it was sort of an imperative but now it is not so important for us anymore knowing all of our clubs are competing in Europe which is amazing. However we will continue with our cooperation and negotitations which we will, I repeat try to finish by June 15th.


SINIŠA OSTOIĆ, SEHA Gazprom League's director:

- I'd like to say first that I hope you're all enjoying good matches and high quality Final tournament. In my opinion we're going step by step increasing number of spectators, broadcasting 80 matches this season and I believe we can really be satisfied with our progress. We've also already made 5 SEHA Gazprom League's magazines this season, two more than last season and we're really advancing on each field. Our goal of course, not to be misunderstood, is to continue making steps forward and keep getting more and more proud of this whole project.

- Speaking of whole Final tournament concept, decision was not easy but I can say that things are so far working great. We've already had two great matches on both Wednesday and Friday, we'll without doubt have two more on Sunday and I believe that's what Final tournaments are all about.


Photos from the meeting and press conference you can find on the following link.