SEHA Gazprom goes on, Veszprem as a perfect invitation for fifth season



With SEHA Gazprom League's fourth Final tournament - Final Four a week behind us we can say that it has completely fulfilled all expectations, considering each of its aspects. We have seen six great matches played in front of record crowd in Hungarian handball temple Veszprem Arena. We have seen confident MKB MVM Veszprem in finals but also remarkable semi-final clash with hosts struggling to go through against furious PPD Zagreb...

It was definitely something to remember, a proof of one big step forward that SEHA Gazprom League made throughout these four seasons. And as it seems it will be running for at least six more years because everyone are pleased with presentation of quality in every single way.


A lot of things were new and different

First time Final tournament was held in Hungary

First time Hungary had their own club in finals

First time there were finals including six clubs

First time in finals of SEHA Gazprom League there were three clubs that will play quarter-finals of EHF Champions league - Veszprem, Zagreb and Vardar

First time the best team won the League

It was Veszprem for the first time who is third champion of the League in its short history

First time in those four years there was no place for Vardar in final which had a reputation of a greatest favorite alongside Veszprem

First time the best goalscorer of the league, Radoslav Antl, made 125 goals in the season

First time MVP of the league is from Spain, legendary leader of world champions and, back in those day, leader of two-time Champions League's winners Chema Rodriguez

And now when the story is over with the beautiful picture from Veszprem Arena no one can wait for the next season to start which always is a good confirmation of good work.