NEXE forces Meshkov to put in maximum effort to celebrate

NEXE natjerao Meškov da uloži maksimalan napor za pobjedu | «Нексе» заставил БГК приложить максимум усилий для победы

Meshkov Brest - Nexe

Meshkov Brest were clear favorites against NEXE at home but in the end it proved that they were forced to put in maximum effort in order to celebrate in front of their fans with 31:26. Hosts remain second positioned with 18 points sharing the position with Vardar and Veszprem.

Long trip to Belarus obviously was not a big problem for NEXE. Kordi’s players have from the beginning started to show they have no fear of hosts leading 1:5 in starting minutes and forcing Bebeshko to call a time-out in order to wake his boys and turn the match over. He made a few player changes, changed defensive tactics and it was slowly proving to be effective. After 20 minutes they have managed to take the lead but NEXE did not allow them to enlarge the gap. Match was decided in final 15 minutes when Meshkov made the difference and decided the match.

In the end Stojković and Atman were best scorers for hosts scoring 8/8 both. Kristopans was 7/9. NEXE best scorer was Tomislav Nuić with 6 goals.

Zdenko Kordi, NEXE’s coach:

Congratulations to Meshkov, they’ve deserved this victory. Atmosphere here is getting better every time as well as Meshkov’s performances. Our goal was to play as good as we can and I can say I am satisfied. Main thing we could learn today is that opponent will always use your serious mistakes.

Tomislav Nuić, NEXE’s player:

We played well against such a strong team, but they used our mistakes and created a solid goal difference.

Sergii Bebeshko, Meshkov’s coach:

Right before this game I already admitted that NEXE is a strong team that regularly plays well in Brest. And this game proved my words. We started badly in the beginning, and had to change defense system after the time out, making certain adjustments. Plus goalkeeper Charapenka made several saves. This was the turning point of the game.

Vitaly Charapenka, Meshkov’s player:

The game was not easy. We have some injured players and have had hard duel three days ago in Skopje. Now it is good time to recover.