News: #France 2017

WCh France 2017 RECAP: Slovenians take bronze medal, Cindric leads scorers with 39, Skok finishes with 78 saves
WCh France 2017, Day 11: Slovenians advance through to QF as Cingesar goes for 6/6
WCh France 2017: Luka Cindric and Matevz Skok top SEHA lists after the group stage
WCh France 2017, Day 9: Draw for Macedonia against Iceland, Slovenians miss to grab the top spot
WCh France 2017, Day 6; Slovenia and Croatia celebrate in SEHA derbies, Hungary grab premier win
WCh France 2017, Day 5: Belarus edge Saudi Arabia; Sweden, France and Germany keep on rolling
WCh France 2017, Day 3: Cindric scores 6 as Croatia saves the day after losses for Belarus and Hungary
WCh France 2017, Day 2: Macedonia edge Tunisia, Slovenia crush Angola as SEHA players combine for 29
WCh France 2017, Day 1: Slovenian refs Lah and Sok assigned for the opener as France demolish Brazil
WCh France 2017: Five SEHA representative countries ready for the start