News: #HC Telekom Veszprem

Second victory against Meshkov Brest for Hungarian champions
Telekom Veszprem in need of recovery win against Meshkov Brest
Alushovski: “This win can change the season“
Unbelievable Eurofarm Rabotnik outplayed Telekom Veszprem in SEHA Derby
Eurofarm Rabotnik to host Telekom Veszprem in SEHA Derby
Marton Szekely: "This was a great learning opportunity for the younger players"
Telekom Veszprem beat Spartak in the first ever match in Moscow
Debut home match for Spartak against returnees Telekom Veszprem
Second home win for Eurofarm Rabotnik as they beat Metaloplastika
Tamse: “It is great to play here, in front of probably the best fans“