News: #7m interview

7m | Nenad Kosteski: ''I believe this team has what it takes to make a step forward this season!''
7m | Nikola Ivanovic: ''Teacher tricked me into starting handball by saying I’ll play in Kiel one day!"
7m | Uros Kojadinovic: ‘’I am glad that I can play against the best clubs in the region’’
7m | Zoran Ilic: ''It was always my dream to play for Veszprem!''
7m | Dominik Kuzmanovic: ‘’I always set the highest possible goals for myself!‘’
7m | Filip Taleski: ''The champions spirit still lives in Vardar's dressing room''
7M | Ante Kuduz: ‘Everything I went through helped me become the player I am today’
7m - Jovica Nikolic: “Coach Rojevic made me the player I am today“
7m - Rastko Stojkovic: “I’m more than a man who just throws a leather ball into a wooden frame“
7m - Dimitar Dimitrioski: “This Vardar is made up of fighters, guys who will never give up“