7m - Barys Pukhouski: “SEHA will be a big challenge for our team, but we want to show Motor’s power“

Barys Pukhouski

After they started their SEHA - Gazprom League adventure with a victory against Tatran Presov, Motor Zaporozhye will on Saturday, 7th of September for a very first time play a match on the home court against Vardar.

One of the most important face in Motor's squad is Barys Pukhouski, a thirty-two years old Belarusian centre back. Like most of the players in his team, this is the first season for Pukhouski in our League. 

For the first time this season Ukraine will have a team in the SEHA - Gazprom League. How much did you know about this competition before you became a part of it?
SEHA - Gazprom League is constantly developing, season by season. Everything is done to engage maximum number of teams involved in the EHF Champions League, and the League succeeds rather well in this regard. Briefly said, we only have positive ideas when it comes to the participating in the SEHA – Gazprom League. I hope our experience will also be positive. 

Is it a challenge or an opportunity for you and your teammates to play in one of the best leagues like this one?
For me, this is an amazing opportunity. It is interesting to be here and to experience some things for the first time. But, the League is also some kind of a challenge for the team. 

It will be your fifth season in Motor Zaporozhye. What are the main reasons you stayed all this years in Ukraine?
I feel understanding and appreciation from the directorship. They help me all the time so that my family feels pretty good here. All my requests find appropriate responses. What is more important, from season to season they are trying to make not only one step, but many steps forward. New goals are set that are important and exciting to reach. 

There are many excellent players in the SEHA – Gazprom League that play on the same position as you do. In your opinion, who do you think are the best centre back players here?
There are enough skilled and honoured players that share my position who deserve such a recognition.They have either played or are currently playing for their national teams, either participated or still participate in handball competitions of the highest quality.  Every player has strong points peculiar for this very person. It is difficult to name just a several players. It would be tactlessly of me to point out just one, as there are many amazing players who deserve the “best player“ title. 

The home court and loyal fans are very important for each team. What kind of atmosphere do you expect from your fans at your first home match?
The thing is, our fans are not very familiar with the SEHA - Gazprom League. But, besides that, I still hope they will come and support us in Palace of Sports Yunost. We rely on them and hope they really want to see our performance. Fans make us so much more motivated. I would like to invite everyone to visit our spectacular matches in the SEHA – Gazprom League. It is definitely something worth seeing!

What is the main goal for your team in the SEHA - Gazprom League this season?
We hope to go through to the Final 4 tournament. Another aim is to see at what level we can play and how we can keep up with the other skilled teams.

You will next face the reigning European and SEHA-Gazprom League champions, Vardar. How do you feel about this match?
What I can say for sure, we are extra motivated for this match. Since our early handball days, all of us had a dream to play against the strongest teams. This dream came true. We want to “bare our teeth” and show Motor’s power. Whether Vardar will use their whole strength or not, it doesn't matter. We will do our the best and fight for another victory.