7m - Stevan Vujovic: “My favourite SEHA League memory is a chance to see Ivano Balic on the court“

Stevan Vujovic

At the start of their debut SEHA season, Ukrainian Motor Zaporozhye showed all their glory on the court. One of the key parts of such achievements is outstanding left back, Stevan Vujovic. Besides incredible handball skills, this twenty-nine years old star proved to be the amazing team player with incredible passion on the court. After being a part of Vardar in the first ever SEHA League season, this Montenegrian diamond returned to the SEHA family and is creating unforgettable memories on the court with Ukrainian team. 

After playing for Romanian team Dobrogea Sud Constanta, this season you joined Motor Zaprozhye. Have you adjusted to the new team?
I had one more year of contract in Constanta but I decided to join Motor because at the moment I saw it as a step forward in the career. But also I'm thankful to Constanta which gave me a chance to prove my quality. In Motor, I'm fine for the moment, I feel comfortable and I don't miss anything here.

Motor Zaporozhye sensationally opened this season and are currently holding the top position in Group A. Did you expect such great results and how are you satisfied with the matches played so far?
I expected that. For the first time Motor Zaporozhye are playing in the SEHA League and we are expecting good results. We also have a great team so why be modest.

What are your team's goals for this season?
I think that the goal is to qualify for the Final 4 of the SEHA League, but also we have our Championship and Cup where we have to be in the first place. So, there are a lot of matches and let's say that the main goal is to try to win every match.

In the next round Motor Zaporozhye will meet with Slovakian Tatran Presov. What are your expectations? 
We won in Presov one tough match, but only with one goal that was scored in the last second. I respect them and their coach. They are showing many qualities also in the Champions League. It will be hard to win.

In the second round Motor Zaporozhye met with Vardar. Was that a special match for you considering you were a part of Vardar's squad previously in your career?
It was not a special match because of that, but it was more special because Vardar are VELUX EHF Champions League winners. They were tired and we did our best that day to win.

You won the SEHA trophy with Vardar in the first season of this League. How did it feel to be a part of the first team ever that came on top in the SEHA League?
We won that first SEHA Final 4 tournament in Zagreb. It was a special feeling really, because on the paper there were also Zagreb and Metalurg with their big names, players and coaches.

You were already a part of the SEHA League in the previous seasons. In your opinion, how much did the League change throughout those years?
It changed a lot. It became more attractive and has more quality. It is a pleasure to play and also to watch.

Besides Vardar, you shortly played in Metalurg back in the day. What do you miss the most about Skopje?
In that period my wife played for Vardar so we lived together and it was interesting to play for two big opponents. I miss the food, I miss the way how the city moves and people.

What is your favourite SEHA League memory so far?
A chance to see Ivano Balic on the court.  Also, I didn't forget those long trips in the first season with the team, it was funny.