Djukic: “It feels good to finish the group phase of SEHA season on a high note“

Milan Dukic

Spartak - Eurofarm Rabotnik 21:33 (11:19)
(Voiniush 7 / Gradan 7, Djukic 5)

Bozidar Mojsov, Eurofarm Rabotnik coach:
Good match overall. I’m very happy with the fact we’ve managed to win this match, it was our goal to finish the year with a win. Eurofarm were favorites in this one and it wasn’t easy for us to deliver a good performance here today. Spartak are known to be a dangerous opponent which can surprise you.

Milan Djukic, Eurofarm Rabotnik player:
Spartak have a lot of young players but they are displaying good performances whenever they step out there. Match today was good, full of great moments and highlights. We are happy with this win. It feels good to finish the group phase of SEHA season on a high note.

Vladislav Kosmodemiansky, Spartak coach:
Of course we know that we are a young team but we wanted to deliver a good outing against Eurofarm. Our opponents were really good today in a lot of aspects of the game. There were some good moments from our side as well but we committed way too many mistakes on the offensive side of the court and that was the key.

Egor Egorov, Spartak player:
It was a good experience to play against Eurofarm. Result is not good obviously but we’ve had some solid periods. This experience can only help us in the future.