7m - Pedro Pacheco: “I’m really trying to absorb all the tips coach Goluza gives me“

Pedro Pacheco

After Rogerio Moraes Ferreira and Jose Guilherme de Toledo, Pedro Pacheco has about a month ago become third ever Brazilian SEHA - Gazprom League player signing with Tatran Presov. 21-year-old middle back shared with us a little something about his handball beginnings, biggest influences and what it feels like working with one the best middle backs of his time Slavko Goluza.

Who is Pedro Pacheco - tell us something about your handball career, beginnings and everything that eventually brought you to Presov.
I started playing handball back when I was 9 years old. At 11 years of age I went to Esporte Clube Pinheiros that played a big part in my becoming the player and athlete in general I am today.

How do you like SEHA - Gazprom League? Can you compare it to leagues you've previously competed in?
I think it’s a great league because it has clubs from different countries. It kind of reminds me of South and Central America Handball Confederation but it certainly has a lot higher quality level.

Tatran Presov will in SEHA - Gazprom League Play-Off quarter-finals face PPD Zagreb. How do you see your chances?
I feel like we have great chances. In case we manage to deliver best performances we’re at the moment capable of delivering, I believe we’ll reach Final 4.

What are both your and your team's goals for the season?
They are pretty much the same – to go all the way in every competition we are a part of basically.

Where do you see yourself in a few years?
I see myself as a first-choice playmaker in Brazilian national team. I hope to become the best possible player I can be and grow through European handball.

Are there any handball players – either active or retired, who you want to base your playing style on?
I like the way Luka Cindric plays.

Your coach Slavko Goluza has been one of the best middle backs in the world back in his playing days. How do you like working with him?
I see every training session as a great chance to grow and evolve as a player. I’m really doing my best to absorb all the tips he gives me.