News: 7 METERS

7m - Vlado "Beastmode" Matanovic - Proof that hard work makes the dream work
7m - Milan Bomastar: "SEHA is a big challenge for all of us"
7m - Ante Gadza: “Every club is different and every change forces you to adjust a bit“
7m - Jovica Nikolic: “Coach Rojevic made me the player I am today“
7m – Marin Sipic: ''January and European silver medal give me goosebumps''
7m - Rastko Stojkovic: “I’m more than a man who just throws a leather ball into a wooden frame“
7m - Dimitar Dimitrioski: “This Vardar is made up of fighters, guys who will never give up“
7m - David Mandic: “Handball has always been my only choice“
7m - Rasmus L. Schmidt: “I leave my personality in the locker room“
7m - Maxim Babichev: “Playing in Brest was quite overwhelming!“