News: 7 METERS

7m - Predrag Vejin: “SEHA is definitely a big and valuable experience for us all“
7m – Ivan Vida: “Tatran is our Final 4 ‘wild card’“
7m - Alexander Shkurinskiy: “I am convinced SEHA League is going to continue to grow“
7m – Slavko Goluza: “We are heading in the right direction“
7m - Stefan Vujic: “I feel like I’ll be 100% ready by the end of the year“
7m - Halil Jaganjac: “I enjoy Nasice more than Paris!“
7m - Kastelic: "I’m slowly getting used to all the running..."
7m - Sipic: "We have to fight for the SEHA Final 4"
7m - Ivic: "No one can be underestimated"
7m - Milosavljev: "I’d like to stay here in Skopje my whole career!"