Saracevic: “In opening ten minutes we experienced certain problems with Celje’s transition“

Celje PL - PPD Zagreb

Celje PL - PPD Zagreb 23:30 (12:19)

(Mackovsek 7, Beciri 4 / Pavlovic 8, Horvat 7, Vuglac 7)


Zlatko Saracevic, PPD Zagreb coach:
It was hard to play this match after a month and a half long break. In opening ten minutes we experienced certain problems with Celje’s transition but later we managed to adapt and I can say I’m satisfied with the first half. In the second half I wanted us to play fast, keep up the pace but we somehow stopped. I hope injuries will not prove to be too serious. 


Urh Kastelic, PPD Zagreb goalkeeper:
We knew what we can expect here and what their most dangerous weapon is. I think that’s what decided the match. I hope our injured players will be back soon and of course I wish Celje all the best. I hope we’ll meet on F4.

Branko Tamse, Celje PL coach:
Zagreb were today better in all handball elements. We lost the match even before we stepped on the court, I have to apologize to all of our fans who came here today to support us. We failed to score from some clear looks in the beginning but even despite of that had 7:5 lead. Unfortunately that was all, we stopped and Zagreb knew how to punish that. They were seven goal up already before the break and managed to keep the gap open easily in the second. We have a lot to work on if we want to look better. We lost at home which is surely not an outcome we wanted but it’s good we still have everything in our hands when it comes to booking a F4 place for us this season.

Borut Mackovsek, Celje PL player:
In opening 10-15 minutes we were able to keep up with Zagreb even having a goal or two advantage. After that we simply lost focus, had poor shot selection and Zagreb knew how to punish that scoring some easy goals and enlarging the gap before the half-time whistle. In the second half they played smartly, didn’t commit many turnovers and won deservedly. First match after the international break is never easy to play, we weren’t together for a month and a half, have some minor injury problems and overall we’re not on the right level right now.