Spende: “Close finish which is in my opinion the best this game can offer“

Izvidjac - Metalurg

Izvidjac - Metalurg 30:31 (14:16)

(Alilovic 8, Kordic 5 / Shilegov 9, Spende 9)

Oliver Dimitrovski, Metalurg assistant coach: 
We played just the way we agreed to prior to the encounter. We did everything the right way tonight and as a result we reached a new victory. First half was not as good, we made some mistakes but we managed to improve in key moments of the second. 

Aleksander Spende, Metalurg player: 
Good game with many goals. Close finish which is in my opinion the best this game can offer. We are obviously happy with the result and we're now waiting for the winter break in a good mood. 

Mario Bjelis, Izvidjac coach: 
It didn't go as planned for us from the very beginning. We were making way too many mistakes in attack, typical for us. It is not easy to lose three games in three days. We have national Cup match in three days and we must not focus on that. 

Milos Kos, Izvidjac player: 
We had our chances today but failed to take advantage of them. Our mistakes decided this one in my opinion.  

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