Gadza: “We were a bit lucky in some moments“

Ante Gadza

PPD Zagreb - Meshkov Brest 30:24 (12:11)

(Gadza 8, Sipic 6 / Vailupau 5, Baranau 4)

Veselin Vujovic, PPD Zagreb coach:
It was today visible they are dealing with fatigue and we managed to take advantage of that. In the end a successful finish of the year for us. I wish Meshkov all the best.

Raul Alonso, Meshkov Brest coach:
Well-deserved win for Zagreb here today. Goal was obviously to play a lot better in many aspects of the game but I feel like the schedule we're dealing with played a big part in today's loss. We've committed way too many mistakes on both sides of the court and Gadza and Sipic obviously knew how to take advantage of that. Great thing is we'll now be able to take some rest and get ready for what's waiting for us in the second part of the season.  

Ante Gadza, PPD Zagreb player:
Good, interesting match in my opinion. We were a bit lucky in some moments of the game and later we managed to turn up the tempo taking a well-deserved win in the end, at least in my opinion.

Nemanja Obradovic, Meshkov Brest player:
Zagreb delivered a really good performance today. They were playing really well in seven against six pieces and that decided the match as well as the fact we've committed too many mistakes and on top of all that their goalkeeper was really good. Congrats to Zagreb.