Jandric: ‘’Playing Celje is always a great opportunity for players to prove their capabilities!’’

Todor Jandric

Seventeenth round of seventh SEHA - Gazprom League regular season is bringing us a duel between Slovenian champs Celje Pivovarna Lasko and Serbian champs Vojvodina in Celje on Tuesday (19.30 CET). Match has no significant meaning for either team with Slovenians already booking a place on Final 4 and Vojvodina on the other hand aiming to use the match in order to prepare best they can for challenges waiting for them in Serbian championship and Cup finals. It is however interesting that in case Celje PL manage to celebrate in the remaining two regular season matches - at home against Vojvodina and in Skopje against Metalurg, they would avoid Vardar in F4 semis which surely is a goal Branko Tamse and his players will look to accomplish.

Match will be broadcasted on ehf TV and Sport TV (Slovenia).

Stanko Anderluh, Celje Pivovarna Lasko assistant coach: 
We are expecting a tough match tomorrow with victory being the only outcome that would make us feel satisfied. In our premier match of the season in Novi Sad we’ve experienced certain problems in the first half but managed to get things going in the second taking a win in the end. Vojvodina have from back then managed to acquire some new players and a new coach who all helped them improve playing faster so we’ll have to be careful. Once again we won’t be able to count on Beciri, Mitrovic, probably Makuc and Kodrin. However, goal remains the same despite of all that.

Jan Jurecic, Celje Pivovarna Lasko player:
We’ve already booked a F4 place but the goal is of course to keep playing good because it’s still not 100% sure who will we play in the semis. We’ve got to open the match well, try to seal the deal as early as possible. Vojvodina are playing very good handball lately, with solid goalie and fast transition. Even Vardar experienced problems dealing with the mix they have of experienced and young players so we must be careful and focused in order to grab three points.

Kasim Kamenica, Vojvodina coach:
This is our final SEHA match of the season. We’ve managed to raise our form lately but unfortunately it was a bit too late. We’re sorry we didn’t manage to achieve a better placement in the end of course. I feel like this team deserves better but this league rarely forgives bad outings and losses. You’ve got to play good continuously. It is however definitely good for our younger players and their development process. We’ll of course give our best in Celje, like we do in any other game. 

Todor Jandric, Vojvodina goalkeeper:
We are looking forward to every SEHA Gazprom League match. Celje have a great team and playing them always provides an opportunity for players to prove what they’re capable of. We’ll use this match to see where we are at the moment speaking of our form and prepare for Serbian Cup finals we’ll play in next weekend.