Mlakar: “We controlled the match being fully focused and motivated“

Ziga Mlakar

Celje PL - Vojvodina 36:27 (20:17)

(Mackovsek 9, Jurecic 6; Panjtar 15 saves / Ostojic 6, Stojanovic 6)

Kasim Kamenica, Vojvodina coach:
This was our third match in only six days and it was obviously too much for us. Serbian Cup is in front of us and it’s clear our minds are already looking towards that. By that we’re dealing with some injuries and illnesses so I believe we’ve got to be happy with this outcome in the end. We can be satisfied with the way we played in the first and in the beginning of the second half but in the end we’ve committed way too many mistakes and the result is this defeat. It would of course be better if we didn’t lose by this much but we can’t change anything now. Only thing we can do is make sure we play better in matches ahead of us.

Strahinja Stankovic, Vojvodina player:
We’ve played well for about 40 minutes and in that period we were only four goals down. In final minutes we lost focus as a result of the fact we missed many key players and Celje were wise enough to know how to use it. In the end youngsters got a chance to show what they can and as coach said we have to be happy with the final outcome. Of course we feel bad about finishing the regular part of the season at the bottom.

Branko Tamse, Celje PL coach:
First I’d like to thank all of our fans for being here with us throughout the full course of the season. We wanted to give everyone a chance but unfortunately ended up suffering two injuries. Kodrin renewed his injury and Anic suffered a new one which means we’ll have to work everything out with a lack of players now with the most important part of the season still ahead. I’d like to congratulate players on their this season’s performances. I believe we deserve to be a part of F4. Now it’s time to focus on our next opponents and find a way to give some of our most important players a chance to catch some rest.

Ziga Mlakar, Celje PL player:
We won today but we can’t be happy. Two players suffered injuries and we hope it’s not serious. We controlled the match being fully focused and motivated from the very first minute. We proved why we were given favorite role prior to the match and reach an expected win.