News: #HC PPD Zagreb

Kosmodemyansky: “Dedication will be the key if we want to defeat PPD Zagreb!“
Vailupau: “It was not easy but we did a good job“
Meshkov keep top spot hopes alive with a win over PPD Zagreb
Victory as the only option for Meshkov and PPD Zagreb in order to stay in the race for top spot
Vukovic: “Second half was better but a few mistakes we made helped them secure the win!“
Quality second-half outing brings Metaloplastika to a verge of surprise in Zagreb
Vujovic: ”Playing against Metaloplastika will be something special for me!”
Mrakovcic: “We managed to do what we came for in Dom Sportova 2 - win“
First victory on the home court for PPD Zagreb
First home appearance for PPD Zagreb against sensational Eurofarm Rabotnik