A new chance for Vojvodina and Gorenje

Vukasin Stojanovic

Slana bara sports hall will on Wednesday (18.45 CET) host the clash between two teams which didn’t open the second part of the season the way they wanted - Vojvodina and Gorenje. Serbian champions were in the first round after the winter break outplayed by Metalurg in Skopje (30:26) while Slovenians on the other side wasted a good chance to cut the gap between themselves and fourth-placed Meshkov Brest with a draw against NEXE at home (30:30).

Match in Novi Sad will clearly be a great chance for both sides to get back on the right track because there still are plenty of matches left to play until the end of the regular part of the season. Zeljko Babic and his players will however have favorite pressure on their back in this one, especially after a dominant 37:20 home-win against Vojvodina back in October.

Match will be broadcasted on ehf TV, Sport TV (Slovenia) and Arena Sport channels. 

Kasim Kamenica, Vojvodina coach:
We have a lot of players who are dealing with minor illnesses at the moment so we still can’t tell who will make the match day roster for Wednesday. However, guys are highly motivated to deliver a quality outing, especially after they convincingly defeated us away from home in our premier encounter of the season. I was not satisfied with the attitude my players had in our last SEHA match against Vojvodina. I see that as a something we’ll have to work on because I want this team to play a more serious role in this competition. 

Vukasin Stojanovic, Vojvodina player:
Gorenje are still and excellent team, even after losing two good players lately. They have great individuals and a good coach. We must do everything we can to deliver a better performance than we did in Velenje. We’ve been working good lately and I expect a good match.

Zeljko Babic, Gorenje Velenje coach:
I believe the match will be way more difficult than the one in Velenje back in October. There are two reasons for this - we’re dealing with some injury problems at the moment and by that, Vojvodina acquired three new players lately - goalkeeper, right back and a line player. They also have a new coach.  

Gregor Potocnik, Gorenje Velenje player:
We want to win in Novi Sad and in order to do that we’ll have to be fully focused throughout the full course of the match. Good defense would make the job a lot easier for us.