Toskic: “We managed to open the match well“

Alem Toskic

Vojvodina - Gorenje Velenje 27:39 (13:19)

(Nadoveza 5 / Golcar 6, Verdinek 6, Potocnik 5) 

Kasim Kamenica, Vojvodina coach:
Well-deserved win for Gorenje. Goal gap in the end is not important. What matters is that Verkic’ red card influenced our game pretty badly. I expect more from certain players. However, we’ll still figuring things out, trying to make everything work. My goal today was for everyone to get in the game, show what they’re capable of at the moment. Very important Cup match is ahead of us on Wednesday.

Bozidar Nadoveza, Vojvodina player:
We tried to run the court and test some of our new tactical ideas. Obviously, we did not succeed. I think the final result is a bit unrealistic because our goalkeeper left the game with a red card early but that can’t diminish Gorenje’s win. Important Cup match is ahead of us.

Zeljko Babic, Gorenje Velenje coach:
I really respect my former coach and today my colleague Kasim Kamenica. Our defense was very good today. The goal was to speed up the tempo because we know Vojvodina were a little tired due to tough training sessions with a new coach. Early red card worked in our favor, I’ve got to be honest and say that but I believe the final result is not realistic when we compare qualities two teams really have.

Alem Toskic, Gorenje Velenje player:
We were preparing for this match the way we prepare for any other. We respect Vojvodina which to be honest now looks different with a new coach. We managed to open the match well, enlarge the gap and keep it open until the end.