Kamenica: “Our inexperience proved to be costly today“

Kasim Kamenica

Vojvodina - Tatran Presov 23:23 (12:11)(Jovanovic 8; Verkic 12 saves / Lapajne 6; Chupryna 12 saves)

Slavko Goluza, Tatran Presov coach:We missed a seven-meter shot which would put us up by three and later we were forced to fight until the very last second for a point. That’s why I feel like a draw is the most realistic outcome. We’ve played with a lot of ill players today. That’s not an excuse of course but it is difficult to play while dealing with such a poor health situation. 

Radovan Pekar, Tatran Presov player:Quite difficult game. We were exhausted after a long trip and by that we have a lot of players who are dealing with illness. We were in the end lucky to score a last-second goal. Defense was today better than attack.

Kasim Kamenica, Vojvodina coach:I can agree with my colleague Slavko Goluza that a draw might in the end be the most realistic and fair outcome looking back at full course of the match but the fact is we were up by one with less than 20 seconds left to play in the match. Our inexperience proved to be costly today and I’m sorry we didn’t win because we’d that way escape the bottom.

Milan Jovanovic, Vojvodina player:Of course we’re sorry we didn’t win because we needed this. Defense was good and I believe we’re improving overall which is good because we’re not far away from our national challenges. It’s time to turn towards the match against Vardar on Saturday.