Drama in Skopje ends with a draw

Metalurg - Izvidjac

In the second match of the day Metalurg and Izvidjac played an extremely interesting game in Skopje which in the end finished with a 27:27 draw after hosts failed to score from what was the final attack of the encounter.
That way neither team managed to reach premier win of the season but at least they both reached their first SEHA point of the season escaping the very bottom of League's table.
Macedonians have more to feel sorry about failing to score from the final attack of the game after Martin Velkovski committed a turnover. However, considering the fact guests were in control of the match throughout the bigger part of the second, Metalurg can be satisfied with a point in the end despite of the fact they opened the match in a better way even having a five-goal advantage in one moment.
Silegov and Serafimov netted six each for hosts while Delic scored just as much for Izvidjac.