Horvat: 'I am satisfied with our perform today'


Hrvoje Horvat, NEXE coach

Well-deserved win for Vardar with maybe a bit too big goal difference in the end. It is always a privilege to play Vardar because you can only grow from matches like this one. We knew Vardar will do everything to control the tempo but I can say I’m satisfied with the way we performed today because we were able to stay close throughout the bigger part of the encounter. 

Mihailo Radovanovic, NEXE player

I’d like to congratulate Vardar but also my teammates as well for fighting hard for 60 minutes here today. We’ve made a lot of mistakes and when you do that you can’t expect to defeat Vardar. 

Roberto Parrondo, Vardar coach

We’ve played a quality team and won the match today securing three new points and that’s what matters the most. We must be honest and say we didn’t really play our best match this season but that’s alright. Now it’s time to start preparing for Barcelona as we need to raise our focus level in order not to commit as much mistakes because Barcelona will most definitely know how to take advantage of them. 

Ivan Cupic, Vardar player

Our main priority was to win the match today and that’s exactly what we did. We were aware NEXE will play aggressively, try shifting defensive schemes and hurt us with power-play actions. Their goalkeeper was also on a high level today but I feel like our experience and a few easy goals in the late stage of the game decided this one. However, as coach said, we must keep up the good work in order to look better on Sunday.