Velkovski: 'We failed to take at least one point'


Metalurg - Steaua Bucuresti 28:29 (15:13)

(Spende 6 / Florea 6, Johannson 5, Vegar 5, Bizau 5)

Danilo Brestovac, Metalurg coach

Congrats to Steaua although I have to say we didn't really spend much time preparing for this one because we're tomorrow playing Champions League match against Sporting which is important for us. We weren't able to set the pace to this one, we weren't running the court the way we should have, we were not as aggressive, as focused as we should have been... I hope my players can draw some conclusions from this match. 

Martin Velkovski, Metalurg player

We didn't open the match the way we wanted to missing some clear chances. We've later managed to take control of the result but allowed Steaua to turn it in their favor. In the end we've even had a chance to take at least a point but we failed to use it. It would have been great if we managed to come out victorious from this one but we have what we have in the end. 

Ovidiu Mihaila, Steaua coach

I'm happy about this win because of the situation we found ourselves in arriving here with only ten players. I believe we've played a really good match and I can just hope for my guys to remain healthy and keep up with performances like this one. Metalurg have a good, young team and it's sure they are poised for big things in the future.

Marin Vegar, Steaua player

Of course we're happy with this win given the situation we're in at the moment. We'll most certainly take advantage of this triumph as it will help us raise self-confidence level ahead of what's waiting for us in our national championship.